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 Shoked to Know about Mom's office secret

Сообщение yergov »

This story took place in the mid-nineties.

I had just turned 18 and was still a virgin.

My mother and I lived together in a small one-room apartment. My mother worked in the office of one of the enterprises. The salary is not big, but stable, which was rare in those troubled times. Mom was thirty-five years old. Not a tall brunette, with size c breasts, a slightly plump butt and the fleshy legs.

Cheerful, kind character, very sociable, she loved gatherings with her friends in our kitchen, with a cup of tea. Stronger drinks made my mother instantly drunk, which is why she drank quite rarely.

One of my mother’s friends, an employee in same enterprise, was also our neighbor. A lonely woman, the same age as my mother, came to visit us almost every evening. She was the complete opposite of my mother. Aunt Lyuda was tall, with small breasts, a slender figure and a bitchy, envious character. She smoked and loved to drink, of course in the company of men. How she became friends with my mother is still a mystery to me.

At my mother’s work, there was a sauna. In those days, it was a big luxury, and only wealthy organizations could afford it. This Finnish miracle was intended exclusively for the management and partners of the enterprise, where, according to the stories of Aunt Lyuda, unspoken agreements were concluded. Of course, everyone dreamed of visiting there at least once. But for many these were just dreams.

One winter, frosty day, coming from the institute, still on the threshold, I heard the long ring of the telephone. I picked up the phone and heard my mother’s joyful voice. She, in a cheerful and slightly excited voice, told me that Aunt Lyuda, in some incredible way, was able to beg the boss for a sauna for this evening. Having given instructions on what to take with me, and where her swimsuit, clean towels and an expensive bottle of wine were hidden, saying that they were waiting for me in the sauna at six in the evening, she hung up.

I arrived an hour late due to a tram breakdown. The room greeted me with cozy warmth after the cold outside. On a leather sofa, my mother and Aunt Lyuda were sitting, wrapped in white sheets, drinking beer with crayfish. Having taken my bags, they sent me to the second floor to change clothes.

On the way up, I looked at the layout of the rooms. On the ground floor there was a steam room, a 4*4 pool, near which there was a low table, a leather sofa, two similar armchairs and several ottomans, also upholstered in leather. A spiral staircase led to the second floor. There were two rooms here. In the first, there is a large long table, a bunch of chairs, beautiful kitchen furniture, a refrigerator and even a microwave (a wonder for me). The second room amazed me! Along the walls, opposite each other, stood two wide, folding sofas, identical as twin brothers. A bedside table with a video recorder and a huge TV, made in Japan, four tall, amazing armchairs and a table. But the most amazing thing about this room was that the floor was glass!!! I have only seen this on video, in American films. It was amazing. I could see a swimming pool, a steam room, and a room with a billiard table, which I did not immediately notice, since it was located behind the steam room. It was great.

After changing clothes, I went downstairs; my mother and Aunt Lyuda were in the steam room. I joined them. First I hovered my mother with a broom, then Aunt Lyuda. It was hot, large drops of sweat were running down the women’s bodies, and the air smelled of wood. Then the two of them kicked me well with brooms. Exhausted from the heat, we jumped out of the steam room together and rushed into the pool. Splashing, laughing, swimming, we were very tired and hungry. Having got out of the pool, we settled down on the sofa and armchairs and began to devour the food I had brought.
Suddenly, four men appeared from behind the door. Two were the bosses of mother and aunt Lyuda, and two were apparently their guests. Staring at us in surprise, they asked what we were doing here, and then the eldest boss, hitting his forehead with his palm, remembered that he had allowed Aunt Lyuda to rest here today. "Well, then we’ll take a steam bath together", said the second boss, "our friends came to visit us here, so we decided to steam them, is any one against it?" There were no objections, having given the women bags of drinks and snacks, the men changed clothes and headed to the steam room. Mom asked me to go upstairs to rest, because she didn’t want to embarrass the authorities with my presence.

Frowning, I went upstairs, turned on the video recorder, and plunged into watching a movie, occasionally glancing through the glass floor to see how the adults were relaxing.

Apparently I dozed off.

Opening my eyes, I realized that my head was on a pillow and a sheet was thrown over my body.

Rubbing my eyes, I looked down, and the drowsiness was instantly lifted with my hand. In the steam room, naked Aunt Lyuda stood doggy style, and one of the guests sat behind her and fucked her. On other side my drunk mother was sitting on the sofa by the pool, with top of her swimsuit pulled down over her stomach. The second guest sat next to her and was kneading her breasts, and she told him something while Two bosses at this time were quietly playing billiards. Having mashed her tits, the guest got up and pulled off my mother’s panties; she didn’t even resist, just smiling drunkenly. Taking out his penis, which seemed to me like a huge snake, he brought it to her mouth. She stared at it with a lost, drunken look, and then, taking it with one hand, directed it into her mouth. I instantly got hard. Until this moment, I had only seen this in porn, but here is my mother. She swallowed his huge dick completely with her mouth, licked it, kissed his balls. Having finished the game of billiards, the bosses entered the room. One immediately went to the steam room, sat down on a bench, and, taking Aunt Lyuda by the hair, placed her head between his legs, sticking his penis into her throat. The man from behind continued to fuck the her. Meanwhile, the second boss sat down next to my mother and began to stroke her clitoris with his hand. She spread her legs wider and I clearly saw her crotch. Black trimmed hair, large labia, large breasts - all this excited me to the point of horror, I took out my penis and began to slowly jerk it off. The boss played with mother’s labia with his fingers, inserted a finger into her hole, grabbed, fingered the entire perineum, and at the same time she sucked without stopping. Then they laid her on her back on the sofa. The boss took out his penis, moved it over mother’s groin and stomach, and then slowly entered her. The guest walked around the sofa, bowed mother’s head and stuck his penis in her mouth. While fucking mom, the boss forcefully pulled her nipples and spanked her breasts and thighs with his palm. the guest forcefully shoved his penis down her throat and lightly hit her on the cheeks. At the same time, in the steam room, the second guest took his penis out of Aunt Lyuda and came on her buttocks. After wiping the remaining sperm on them, he went out and dived into the pool. The second boss took his dick out of the woman’s mouth, sat her on top and began to play the rider. By the pool, the second guest had already cummed on mother’s face, covering her cheeks with sperm, and the boss was forcefully pushing into her pussy, clearly trying to catch up with his friend. Having taken it out, the boss placed his penis between my mother’s tits, and, squeezing them, began to drive his dick. He came so hard that his sperm flew onto my mother’s neck, lips and even ears. At the same moment, in the steam room, the second chief lifted Aunt Lyuda’s ass, jerked off and finished, dousing the shelves of the steam room with his cum. Having fucked enough, the men took a swim and sat down to continue drinking. Squeezing mom’s cheeks so that her mouth opened, one of the guests poured half a bottle of vodka into her, she coughed and sank to the floor near the sofa, covered in sperm. Aunt Luda walked up to the table, drank a full glass of vodka and grabbed my mother by the hair and shook her forcefully. She just moaned and clumsily jerked her head trying to free herself. Leaning her head on the sofa, Aunt Lyuda pressed mother’s head between her legs and began to rub her pussy on her face. The men laughed, commented on the process, gesticulated, and one even began to jerk off to what he saw. Then the aunt Lyuda got up, wrapped herself in a sheet and said something to the men and disappeared behind the door.

to be continued...........
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 Re: Shoked to Know about Mom's office secret

Сообщение Kida »

Ага. Кто переведет, хоть скажите интересная писанина или нет(да мне впадлу самому в Гугл переводчик кидать этот текст)
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 Re: Shoked to Know about Mom's office secret

Сообщение marseilles »

Well, it looks like a great retelling of some porn movie, but it's great story. Keep telling more)
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 Re: Shoked to Know about Mom's office secret

Сообщение yergov »

Банкет продолжался.

В комнату где я надрачивал свое член, открылась дверь и на пороге появилась тетя Люда. Я быстро спрятал член в плавки, она подошла ком не глянув через пол на сидящих людей, с издевкой сказала: значит дрочишь на то как мамку твою имеют. И как понравилось? Затем села рядом, и легонько взяв меня за голову сказала : смотри дальше, будет еще интересней. Внизу мужики и правда встали и явно что то задумали. подняв с пола пьяную маму, они усадили ее коленями на диван, так что им открылась ее попа. Подошел первый гость, и поплевав на ее дырочку стал всовывать ей в анус. Всунув что то прокомментировал, по загонял немного и отошел. Рядом сел второй гость, маму усадила на него, он всунул в ее писечку член, второй гость пристроился сзади нее и всунул в ее попу. Ее стали трахать в обе дырки. Трахали ее минут десять, потом в такую же позу сели два начальника и продолжили процесс, а гости стояли рядом и надрачивали свои органы. Тетя Люда повернулась ко мне, и спросила : нравится? Я молчал. Она сорвала с себя простынь, и облокотившись о спинку дивана, развела широко ноги, потянула мою голову к себе, со словами : полижи ка мне там. Я одернул ее руку, тогда, она, сказала, что если не полижу, позовет мужиков и те трахнут меня. Я испугался. наклонив голову я впервые в жизни увидел женское чрево. Не зная что делать, я стал целовать ее клитор. она рассмеялась, и объяснив где надо лизать и как, вдавила мою голову. я лизал ее клитор, потом вставил пальчик в ее дырочку, мне это нравилось, ей тоже. Минут через 15 она сильно сжала мою голову ногами, и застонав кончила, обильно выделив жидкость на мой язык. Встав она стянула с меня плавки, у сказала смотреть на маму. Я увидел как мужики, обступив тело мамы, дрочат свои члены, а она лежит в умат пьяная на диване. В это время тетя Люда своей ладошкой сжала мой член, и стала водить своей рукой по нему. Внизу мужики стали обильно кончать, заливая тело мамы спермой. Обкончав ее всю, они попрыгали в бассейн. Тетя Люда легла на диван, и потянула меня за собой. Трахни меня мой мальчик – сказала она, и вставила мой член себе в дырочку. До этого момента, женщин у меня не было. Внутри нее было влажно и горячо. Я неумело стал дергать телом на ней. остановив меня, она сказала что спешить не надо, и поцеловав меня в засос, положила сои руки на мои ягодицы, задавая мне темп движения. Это было шикарно. Ее груди упирались в мои, слегка колыхаясь. Мой член обволокло теплое влагалище женщины. Через пару минут я кончил прям в нее. Увидев мое испуганное лицо, она потрепав меня за волосы, сказала чтобы я не переживал.

Мы поднялись.

Она присев, облизала губками сперму с моей головки, и глянув в низ, взяла меня за руку и повела вниз, со словами : все уже разошлись. Спустившись в низ, мы увидели маму, лежащую на диване. Одна нога свисала, груди весели в разные стороны, все тело было в засохшей сперме. Она спала, пьяная и отраханная во все дырки, мой член стал твердеть с каждой секундой.
Хочешь трахнуть ее, спросила улыбаясь тетя Люда.
Она же моя мама – ответил я.
Сегодня она просто шлюха, пользуйся моментом, она ведь женщина и ты ее явно хочешь, указала она свои взглядом на мой окрепший член. Намочив простыню, она обтерла тело мое мамы, и шире раздвинув ей ноги стала пальчиком водить в ее дырочке. Затем взяла меня за член и подвела в плотную к обнаженному телу. Ложись на нее, скомандовала она. Я лег сверху. теперь всовывай ей. Я ввел свой орган в щель матери. Там было так же тепло и уютно, как и в дырочке тети Люды, с разницей лишь в том, что меня окутала безумная страсть, ведь я был в лоне матери. Я стал не спеша вгонять член в мать. Тетя люда надавила на мой зад и я полностью погрузился в лоно. Это было шикарно. Тетя Люда громко кричала, чтобы я сильнее трахнул эту шалаву, засадил ей по самые яйца, порвал ей письку. Я набрал бешеный темп, груди матери колыхались подомной, яйца бились об ее промежность, ляжки терлись об ее ляжки. Это было блаженство. Вынув я стал быстро дрочить, намереваясь кончить. Тетя Люда оттолкнула мою руку. и взяв мой член сама стала доводить меня до оргазма рукой. Я обкончал весь живот матери. Это было не шикарно. Затем мы с тетей Людой уселись в кресла и стали пить оставленную водку.

Проснулся я уже когда мать с подругой наводили порядки в помещении. Увидев что я проснулся, мать потупила глаза и присела в соседнее кресло. Извини за вчерашнее, сказала она. Мне люда все рассказала. Ты видел, как я занималась сексом. ты уже взрослый, я надеюсь ты меня понимаешь, и поцеловала меня в щечку. Тетя люда улыбнувшись подмигнула, приложив палец к губа. А еще, Люда сказала что у тебя был с ней секс и ты теперь настоящий мужчина, я тебя поздравляю, улыбнувшись сказала мама. Ты не против если у нас дома теперь иногда будут и мужчины, на наших с Людой посиделках. Конечно нет – ответил я. Тогда в пятницу вечером я приглашу своих друзей, сказала тетя Люда. Посидим поболтаем у вас дома.
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